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It should be appreciated that the poker sport could additionally be applied in any appropriate method. In one embodiment, upon a part triggering event, the gaming machine generates a card. Unlike the everyday video poker which allows a player to make a decision to carry or draw a dealt card, in this embodiment, a player is displayed a card and is not enabled to decide.

The gaming machine that shows the decimal point changes upon certain triggering events. That is, different gaming machines each generate and show the decimal point on the component display gadgets either randomly or upon triggering circumstances or occasions, thus changing the displayed quantity. Upon an evaluation triggering occasion at one of the gaming machines, that gaming machine provides an award to the player based on the displayed digits. In another embodiment, the elements of the multi-component games are a plurality of symbols. In one embodiment, the plurality of symbols consists of at least one particular image similar to a bonus image.

3A, where the first gaming machine displays a 7, and the second and third gaming machines display a bar, a triggering occasion on both the second or the third gaming machines could cause the first gaming machine to generate one other image. In one embodiment, the triggering gaming machine allows the player to determine on or determine which gaming machine generates and shows another element. In another embodiment, the gaming machine randomly determines which gaming machine generates one other component. In one other embodiment, the central controller determines which gaming machine generates another element based on the at present displayed parts. In one embodiment, no matter how the determination of the gaming machine that generates a new part is made (i.e. the player, the triggering gaming machine or the central controller), the component triggering occasion and the evaluation event are the same event.

Upon every part triggering event, no much less than one of many gaming machines generates and shows one of the cards on its component show device and sends a sign to the central controller indicating the displayed card. In one other embodiment, when a component triggering occasion occurs at one of the gaming machines, one of many different non-triggering gaming machines generates another element within the multi-component sport. For example, in the above embodiment illustrated in FIG.

That is, the show system could embody any electromechanical system, such as a number of mechanical objects, such as a number of rotatable wheels, reels or dice, configured to display a minimum of one or a plurality of game or other appropriate images, symbols or indicia. 1A and 1B, gaming gadget 10 has a support construction, housing or cupboard which supplies support for a plurality of shows, inputs, controls and other options of a traditional gaming machine. It is configured in order that a player can operate it whereas standing or sitting. The gaming device could additionally be positioned on a base or stand or could be configured as a pub-style table-top sport which a player can function ideally whereas sitting. As illustrated by the completely different configurations shown in FIGS. 1A and 1B, the gaming gadget could have various cabinet and show configurations.

The second gaming device 102 b generates a bar symbol on the second part display 106 b. The third gaming system 102 c generates a bell symbol on the third part display 106 c. As indicated on the knowledge show 108, the gaming machines are operable to receive a wager and play the games once more.

That is, every particular person gaming gadget randomly generates the sport outcomes to be provided to the participant and the central server or controller displays the activities and events occurring on the plurality of gaming gadgets. In one embodiment, the gaming community includes a real-time or on-line accounting and gaming information system operably coupled to the central server or controller. The accounting and gaming data system of this embodiment includes a player database for storing player profiles, a player tracking module for monitoring players and a credit system for providing automated casino transactions. In another multi-component digit sport embodiment, the digits on one or more of the gaming machines “shift” upon the triggering of a component triggering occasion.

In an alternative embodiment, the central server or controller maintains one or more predetermined swimming pools or units of predetermined game outcomes. In this embodiment, the central server or controller receives the game consequence request and independently selects a predetermined game outcome from a set or pool of sport outcomes. The central server or controller flags or marks the selected recreation end result as used. Once a game outcome is flagged as used, it's prevented from additional choice from the set or pool and cannot be selected by the central controller or server upon one other wager. The offered sport outcome can embrace a primary recreation end result, a secondary sport end result, primary and secondary sport outcomes, or a collection of sport outcomes such as free video games.

In this embodiment, the central server, central controller or remote host is any suitable server or computing device which includes at least one processor and at least one reminiscence or storage device. In different such embodiments, the central server is a progressive controller or a processor of one of the gaming devices within the gaming system. In these embodiments, the processor of each gaming device is designed to transmit and receive occasions, messages, commands or another suitable knowledge or sign between the person gaming device and the central server. The gaming system processor is operable to execute such communicated events, messages or instructions at the facet of the operation of the gaming gadget.